Thermo foil versus Wood Cabinets

Thermo foil cabinets are similar to laminate, with a vinyl coating placed over a manufactured or pressed wood base. The thermo foil manufactured today is much more durable than the type that was popular in the 1980s, but there are still some trade-offs when compared to natural wood.

Thermo foil cabinets stand up well to high humidity and regular cleaning, while wood cabinets can become warped and lack luster under those same conditions. On the other hand, once a thermo foil cabinet is damaged, it loses its resistance to moisture and can start to fall apart quickly. Things like deep scratches, chips and dents, which cannot be repaired, quickly shorten the lifespan of thermo foil. Minor damage to wood, on the other hand, is simple to repair and does not shorten its useful life. In addition, when the finish of thermo foil finally does begin to wear, the cabinets cannot be refinished. Wood, on the other hand, can be stripped and re-stained or painted, giving it a second life.

Wood cabinets are heavy duty, durable and can fit into any style. They come in various choices and stains, don’t disintegrate or rot, all while offering the beauty of natural wood grain.

Here are some other benefits of wood cabinets:

  • They stand the test of time.
  • Wood cabinets tolerate stains.
  • Wood will clean up easily.
  • They withstand high humidity without swelling or warping. 
  • Wood won’t easily absorb water from leaking pipes.