Kitchen Cabinet Wood Species

With such a large amount of stunning decisions for wood cupboards, wherever to begin? whether or not you wish cherry, maple, oak, alder, hickory, birch, walnut or pecan cupboards, here square measure some key issues, as well as natural characteristics of wood cupboards generally, and distinctive characteristics of individual woods, to assist you discover your favourite wood kind. we have a tendency to additionally supply data on cupboards made from compound materials, another in style choice.

Cherry wood
Cherry cupboards square measure characterised by their red undertones, however might vary in color from white to a deep wealthy brown. Cherry incorporates a sleek, fine look with a reasonably uniform texture and random markings. The even grain permits finishes to be applied with ease.

Maple wood
Maple cupboards square measure predominately white to creamy-white in color, with occasional auburn tones at intervals a cupboard door panel. The refined grain pattern of Maple wood creates a sleek, uniform look.

Oak wood
Oak cupboards have distinct grain patterns and target color from white to pink and blood-red tones. Streaks of inexperienced, yellow and even black might seem because of mineral deposits within the wood.

Alder wood
Alder cupboards square measure characterised by brownness and blood-red undertones. Alder incorporates a straight and even-textured wood grain with foggy boundaries between the duramen and therefore the wood.

Hickory wood
Hickory cupboards have a naturally different look because of the duramen and wood of the Hickory wood. the colour might vary from blonde or white to auburn and dark brown.

Birch wood
Birch cupboards have a sleek surface texture with a good wood grain that's robust and significant. The predominant wood color of Birch is white to creamy yellow, whereas the duramen varies from medium to dark brown to brown.

Walnut wood
Walnut cupboards feature sleek grain patterns and muted brown hues. The smooth, fine and general straight wood grain has colours that vary from deep chocolate to light-weight reddish-gray brown.

Pecan wood
Pecan cupboards vary from blonde or white to auburn and dark brown. The dramatic wood colours at intervals a bit return courtesy of this wood type’s duramen and wood.